Sometimes I like to take and edit photos. They're not usually incredibly amazing, but every now and then I manage to snap a picture that I really like. I typically use a Canon EOS Rebel T6.


I also occasionally take the time to create something entirely digitally. My tool of choice is typically Pixelmator Pro, though I'm not averse to using Photoshop or GIMP.

A macro photo of a pair of lips.

A self portrait using some macro lenses I had. It was shockingly difficult to line everything up and keep myself in focus.

A photo of a girl holding a camera.

I ran a short camera workshop for some of my classmates to teach them the basics of manual mode on a camera.

A collage of a ball, someone kicking it, and the ball high in the air.

This was an attempt to write a haiku as a collage. While the end result isn't exactly mindblowing, Miles (the one kicking the ball) was incredibly upbeat and fun to work with.

A photo of a girl wearing dark glasses looking at the sun.

Nis watching the eclipse. Her red hair is so stunning that I feel guilty trying to touch up any photos featuring it.

A photo of totality during the eclipse.

During the 2024 Total Eclipse, I wanted to take some pictures of totality. I didn't have a lens that could capture the eclipse, so I took this picture by holding a pair of eclipse glasses up to my camera lens.

A macro photo forest moss.

This was the first photo I ever took that I was really proud of. While it's not incredible, I still think it's very pretty.

A closeup shot of an eggplant flower shoot.

This is one of my favorite photos that I've taken. The way the greens and purples work together has captured my heart completely.

I made this animation by hand on nearly forty sheets of printer paper. Then I scanned each page and composed them all together.

A collage featuring different letters of the alphabet.

This collage is designed to be printed and folded where it creates a miniature magazine. It can be read in a zig-zag pattern starting from the top right.